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Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on the highest level of clinical care and commitment provided by our professional staff and group of highly experienced and renowned doctors from all over the over the world. At Le Gorjuss, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our state of the art clinic with modern and advanced equipment balances the equation of brains backed with latest technologies.


At Le Gorjuss we specialize in building your confidence by enhancing your beauty. We use only FDA approved products and high end machinery for perfect results and less down time. Our wide range of cosmetic procedures with world class surgeons provides you the best that you always deserve. The Le Gorjuss team of specialists will work diligently to give you the ultimate, natural-looking results. Le Gorjuss will provide you with the absolute finest service and quality care, and give you the world’s best treatment at an affordable price.


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You are in the safest hands

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced doctors, surgeons and therapists to provide you with the best care you deserve. Our wide range of treatments has been proven to be safe and effective internationally.

Complete Privacy and confidentiality

Trust on our privacy policies, you can be best assured that your details are kept secret and maintain a complete confidentiality, People from different streams holding a niche profile choose us because of our focus on maintaining the utmost confidentiality and privacy of our patients.


We have a team of experts in different focus areas, each holding the necessary training, experience and certification required for that skill. We often have internationally renowed visiting doctors at our clinic.

Truthful advice

We have a reputation for honesty and sincere advice.

Ease of access

Le Gorjuss is located in the prime location at the heart of the city, thereby ensuring easy access for follow up care after treatments or surgeries. The clinic is established to provide you advanced celebrity treatments at your door step instead of flying to Delhi, Mumbai or abroad.


We have the largest range of the best cosmetic equipment from all over the world to ensure safe and best results.

We use US, FDA approved products

Invest on you

Our pricing is something that would be influenced over since you cannot afford contemptible cosmetic treatment or surgery. Certainly not when it comes to your face or body.

International standards

We follow strict international protocols and guidelines our surgical facilities are certified by the highest quality control international agencies. Our team attends regular global conferences


We are famous for having warm and friendly staff that treats you with warm affection and care. Try us once to feel the difference.

Medical tourism packages

We offer our international patients comprehensive packages that include the crucial follow up after they go home.

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Satisfied Customers
I had a very effective and dedicated approach at LeGorgious it was Quick and painless with amazing results. I had a brief outline of what I wanted to achieve and had me skin that look flawless
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