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Pigment Problems

The common pigmentation problems could be

  • Melasma – It is a very common condition in southern India, to both men and women crossing 30’s. It is caused by excessive sun exposure and hormonal changes. It can be seen as patches of dark blotches on different parts of the face like cheeks, forehead, nose, chin etc.
  • Uneven Skin tone – It is a condition of having different shades of pigmentation unevenly over different areas of face, which can be unsighty and diffuse your attraction.
  • Vitiligo- It is a skin condition where people notice white patches scattered on different parts of their face and body. It can be a social stigma
  • Whitening (Skin Lightening)- Many of us would like to change our skin color to a lighter complexion and wish that it could be permanent


Each client would need a specific treatment plan pertained to their condition, designed specifically by a cosmetologist. Here at Le Gorjuss we provide tailored solution for each one of the above.


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