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The signs of aging become imminent in our appearance as we grow older. The forces of gravity cause the skin to become loose, wrinkly and saggy and you can see your skin losing its elasticity at as early as 40 years and it goes downhill from there. When you’ve crossed your middle age, your skin may become so saggy that Botox injections and fillers alone might not help.

Facelift makes you feel so much younger, attractive and energetic. It boosts self-esteem and gained others attention. A facelift brings a considerable positive change in a person’s life by hiding their age.

At Le Gorjuss we use advanced techniques, which are minimally invasive (Suture less and bloodless field) and gives instant results.


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I had a very effective and dedicated approach at LeGorgious it was Quick and painless with amazing results. I had a brief outline of what I wanted to achieve and had me skin that look flawless
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